Active Ageing Practices

Tourism has become an integral part of the work of the Organization of Retired Persons “Wisdom Ripening” summer-time hikes and outings. Rafting on The Belaya (White) River is one of them.

At four o’clock a.m. 18 members were waiting for a bus to Sterlitamak. The team was wonderful.

It took us about seven hours to get to the Belaya  River. Near Iremel Mountain there was Shulgan-Tash National Park created. And there we started our interesting journey.

First we visited the Kapov cave where we saw rock paintings of primitive people.

Here, in the reserve, we visited the Museum of beekeeping. This is the only place on the Earth where wild forest honey production has been preserved.

And all the time we were admiring the cliffs with mysterious  caves and  grottoes.

The Belaya River amazes with its natural beauty! The River Valley is broad, simple, small rifts, easily walkable. By the way people from other regions of the country — Orenburg, Orsk, Kovrov, Kaliningrad floated down the Belaya (White) River, simultaneously with us.

Very interesting was one of our stop-overs. We celebrated birthdays, held a ceremony of joining the tourists group, organized the lottery. On the same day our team climbed the highest mountain. It was difficult, but we were awarded with stunning views, opened before us!

We got a great vivacity and adrenaline! And of course, it is impossible to forget our camp bathhouse on the River! We should mention that together with us, the older travelers, there were four young people. At first, the idea of resting in the company of the elderly was not delightful for them. But then the guys joined our friendly staff and even said we are cool and quite interesting. Lilya, instructor of the group, also praised us and admitted that she had not expected us to be so vigorous, energetic and cheerful

After such an interesting and positive rafting about 20 people have already planned to go rafting next summer. We are looking forward to it.

Sonia Safiullina and Vladimir Burashnikov for the TV STudio “50 +”


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